Get Cigarette Smell Out of Carpet

Get Cigarette Smell Out of Carpet - Carpet Cleaners

I think we can all agree: cigarette smoke does not top the list of the most pleasant, refreshing scents out there. Especially when it has cooped itself up in your home and sunken into your rugs and carpets. Trying to get that stale, gross stench out of your carpet for good? Follow these easy steps.

Get Cigarette Smell Out of Carpet

There are several different methods you can try to get cigarette smell out of  carpet. You can attempt one, a combination of them, or even all of them if the odor has set in and become stubborn.

1. Purchase an allergen-eliminating deodorizer. Sprinkle it generously over your carpet (be sure to move any furniture first). Let this set in overnight, and vacuum it up the next day.

2. Buy some baking soda, and plenty of it. After vacuuming up the allergen-reducing deodorizer, take the baking soda and do the same thing. Sprinkle over the entire surface area, let it sit for several hours, and vacuum it up.

3. Scrub the carpet. Purchase or rent a carpet cleaner and complete a thorough washing of the entire carpet. Add some vinegar to the carpet cleaning detergent as well to add in some extra odor-fighting power.

4. A final option you can try is to spray Febreeze or another odor-fighting agent over the carpet after cleaning. This may not remove the odor completely, but can serve as a quick fix if you are expecting company and want to freshen the house up.

If the smell lingers…

If you have a lingering smell in your carpets, chances are the cigarette stench has also seeped into your furniture upholstery, curtains and even your walls’ paint. Scrubbing and deodorizing your carpet is a good start to removing the odor, but if that hasn’t completely solved the issue, you may need to dedicate some serious time to cleaning other parts of your house as well.

Find Professional Help

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