Install Mac OS X on PC

Install Mac OS X on PC - Computer Repair

Install Mac OS X on PC

While Macs are extremely expensive, you can actually run the Mac OS X on a PC without the financial burden of buying a Mac. Often referred to as a “Hackintosh,” this process can now be performed without even using a Mac.

Step 1: Checking Your Hardware

Before you even begin to prepare installing Mac OS X onto your machine, you’ll first want to make sure that the computer hardware you have on your PC can run Mac OS X:

You’ll also need a retail DVD of OS X Snow Leopard and an additional blank CD. You should assemble the hardware according to the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure everything is situated correctly.

Step 2: Preparing the Boot Disc

There are two boot disk images which allow for direct OS X installation, iBoot or Empire EFI.  You should go ahead and burn those images onto the blank CD.  However, you cannot simply copy the file onto the blank CD.  You must use a CD program to write the image onto the CD.

Step 3: Configuring the BIOS

There are only a couple of changes necessary.

1. In the Advanced BIOS features, you should set CDROM to be the first boot device, USB-HDD as the second, and the Hard Disk as the third.

2. In the Integrated Peripherals, you should set SATA to run in AHCI mode.

3. In Power Management, HPET Mode should be set to 64-bit mode.

Step 4: Installing Mac OS X

1. Insert the burned disc with iBoot or Empire EFI and eject the disk when a screen shows iBoot-Supported (or Empire EFI equivalent).

2. Insert the Mac OS X DVD and after a couple of seconds, press F5, and then Enter when the CD pops up.

3. You should then set up your partitions accordingly with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the format and GUID Partition Table as an option.

4. Install on the partition you just partitioned out.

Step 5: Installing the Boot Loader

When you reboot the computer, you need to first boot the machine with your burned CD and select the partition you created earlier to boot into OS X.  You then need to download Multibeast to install the boot loader (alongside all the necessary drivers).

Based on your hardware configuration, your specific hardware options will have different selections in Multibeast.  Allow Multibeast to install and then reboot your computer.  Your computer should work without needing the iBoot or Empire EFI CD anymore!  Congratulations!  You did it!

Additional Help

However, this entire process is quite complex, and if you don’t feel comfortable installing Mac OS X by yourself, use TalkLocal to contact a local IT Professional. We will connect you with up to three professionals in your area who will be able to help you out!

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