Download Pictures From Blackberry To Mac

Download Pictures From Blackberry To Mac - Computer Repair

The iPhone-Blackberry rivalry has become a cutthroat competition.  People either argue strongly for their Apple product or fight tooth and nail in support for their Blackberries.  Many think that the two companies’ products are incompatible, but this is far from the truth.  There is always a way to make the two come together, and you can even download pictures from Blackberry to Mac.

Macs and Blackberries

Blackberry devices are compatible with Macs when you want to sync information.  If you need to upgrade the software device on your phone you should do so on a computer with Windows. If you want to download the pictures from your blackberry device straight you your Mac computer you should have no issues.

If you want to sync more than pictures, such as calendar events, contacts, and tasks to Mac applications, you can download the newest version of PocketMac.  This program will allow you to easily synchronize both your phone and computer.

Download Pictures From Blackberry To Mac

There are two ways that you can download pictures from Blackberry to Mac.  You can either use a syncing cable or transfer the photos via Bluetooth.

1. When using the syncing cable, you must first plug the phone into the computer’s USB port.

2. When the computer prompts you to turn on Mass Storage, select “yes”.  After a few moments, a disk drive entitled “Blackberry” will appear.

3. Open the disk drive and go to Pictures.

4. You can drag the pictures onto your desktop or into a folder on your computer. They should be saved onto your computer now.

If you do not want to manually transfer the pictures onto your Mac from your Blackberry you can enable Bluetooth.

1. Go into your Mac and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and set to “Discoverable”.

2. You can then go to your Blackberry’s menu to manage connections and set up Bluetooth. When you go back to the menu you should choose “add device” and then click “search”.  If your computer is set correctly you should see its name when your phone delivers a list of discovered devices.

3. Select your computer and enter a numeric passcode which you can just make up and continue.  Your computer should show a paring request window.

4. Enter the same code and hit “pair”.

5. On your phone, go to the pictures you want to download and select “send using Bluetooth” and the name of your Mac when asked what device to send to.

6. On the computer, select accept on the incoming file transfer request.  The transfer should be complete and your pictures saved to your computer.

Need Professional Help?

If you have problems setting up the download or cannot seem to get it to work properly, you should seek professional help.  You can go to TalkLocal to be connected with reliable local IT service technicians in a matter of minutes, for free!

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