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Garden Edges

Garden edges are good ideas because they provide a barrier between your lawn and your neighbor’s space. The simplest garden edging idea is a shallow trench that is dug between your lawn and the adjacent garden of your neighbor. However, this is simply boring. Garden edging ideas are best used with garden fences. There are garden edges that are sold commercially. They can be wood, plastic, or brick, and they make for fantastic decorations that will spice up your garden. All of the garden edges will give your garden the look of a clean edge.

Ideas for Your Garden Edges

There are practical reasons for putting up garden edges. One of these is that grasses spread via stolons that, when left unkempt, will spread around your garden. If you put in garden edges, you can control the spread of grass. You can also use mowing strips around your garden to delineate between your lawn and your neighbor’s. This barrier will prevent mulch from leaving your garden and prevent grass stolons from spreading.

Another garden edging idea is to use interlocking concrete. This will also prevent grass from spreading where you don’t want it. The next of the garden edging ideas is to purchase readily made edges that can easily be installed. Installation can be done by an expert for a minimal fee. Of course, the same can be done using brick and other materials such as wood. However, wood has a shorter life compared to other materials. Plastic, on the other hand, needs more maintenance than most, as algae tends to grow on them as well as on brick. Garden edging ideas can also be taken from your local hardware store.

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