Treatments For Sciatica During Pregnancy

Treatments For Sciatica During Pregnancy - Chiropractors

In a few ways, pregnancy can be a terrible time for a woman with her body going through so many hormonal changes. Dealing with sciatic nerve pain during this time can just about be more than some women can take.

There are a few treatments for sciatica during pregnancy that can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing. Many of these treatments can be done at home or are available by professionals at a low cost. You should not have to deal with the terrible shooting pains of sciatica when pregnant.

Treatments for Sciatica During Pregnancy

–A qualified chiropractor should be at the top of your list of people to call to help curb the pain. Since sciatica is mainly caused by nerve compression, chiropractors can offer back adjustments that help free these nerves and limit discomfort.

–A massage therapist can help relieve the pain caused by sciatica. This is one of the most popular treatments for sciatica during pregnancy. Pregnant women can reduce their pain and treat themselves to a quiet and relaxing massage.

–Eating right and exercising more frequently can also help reduce the pain associated with sciatica. This treatment option will not only help your pain, it will help improve the condition of your overall health, which is good for you and your unborn baby.  Try eating more fresh fruits and making simple changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

–Sleep on a firm mattress and watch your posture. Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs.

There are many other treatments for sciatica during pregnancy. You can try wearing flat shoes to avoid putting more strain on your back. Avoid slumping and standing for long periods of time to help reduce the symptoms, too. Also, avoid putting strain on your back as much as possible.

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