Why Do I Need A Lumbar Roll?

Why Do I Need A Lumbar Roll? - Chiropractors

Back pain is more than just a pain in the back — it can cause serious discomfort and health issues. Your entire day can be ruined by back pain. We have certain things that help us avoid back pain and keep our bodies postured positively. One such item is a lumbar roll. You might be wondering: Why do I need a lumbar roll?

Listen up! These answers might help you.

Why Do I Need A Lumbar Roll?

Slouching is really bad for you

Not only does it hurt, but it hinders your body. When you slouch, you’re holding your muscles in an abnormal position for a really long time. Even though it doesn’t feel like you’re using your muscles, you are. You’re stretching them awkwardly.

Over time, this weakens them. If they are weakened too much for too long, you can even develop really serious side effects like disc degeneration. Discs are the little pieces of cushion between your vertebrae. You can also bulge your discs out, which can press on nerves and cause horrible pain in other parts of your body.

Good posture avoids slouching

This means that having good posture is really good for you. When your body is properly postured the way nature intended, your discs do nothing other than cushion your vertebrae. If you’ve had bad pad posture for long enough, it might actually hurt to sit properly. That’s because your muscles aren’t used to it. Keep doing it and your posture and back will improve greatly.

Lumbar rolls help make proper posture feel more natural

Using a lumbar roll on the back of your chair when sitting helps you feel like you’re not doing any work to hold your muscles up the right way, even though they’re not used to it. This helps you keep yourself sitting up straight without realizing it, thus practicing good posture and avoiding slouching and back pain.

Chiropractors Can Assess Your Need For A Lumbar Roll

With the help of a lumbar roll, your back can be in awesome condition. It may take some time, but it’s worth it. If you’re worried you already have a serious back issue, you may need professional help. TalkLocal can connect you to the professionals you need to make every day a little more bearable without back pain.

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