Can Physical Therapy Help a Pinched Nerve?

Can Physical Therapy Help a Pinched Nerve? - Chiropractors

If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you or someone close to you is probably experiencing pinched nerve symptoms. But before actually answering it, it might help to understand exactly what a pinched nerve is, and only then consider possible treatment options.

Basically, this term describes the compression or the pressure exerted on a nerve, which prevents it from working normally, often causing severe pain. If the nerve is in the lower back, you can experience pain in your back or legs. The pinched nerve can also be located in the neck, elbow, or wrist.

A pinched nerve may be the result of a herniated disc, arthritis, or bone spurs, among other conditions.

Symptoms include shooting pain accompanied by numbness. Also, you can experience a tingling sensation and weakness in the muscles.

Physical therapy can relieve the symptoms caused by a pinched nerve, but the success varies from case to case. Before setting an exercise program suitable for your particular case, the therapist needs to assess your condition first. The program can involve passive exercise, which means that the physical therapist performs a certain treatment on you, or active exercise. In the latter case the physical therapist designs a special program for you, which you can then perform on your own.

So, can physical therapy help a pinched nerve? The answer is yes, physical therapy can alleviate the pain caused by the pressure exerted on the nerve, increasing flexibility and muscle strength. It can relieve the symptoms caused by a pinched nerve, but the success rate varies from case to case.

Need Professional Help?

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