Designing Your Outdoor Patio

Designing Your Outdoor Patio - Landscapers

When warm weather arrives, many of us are anxious to get outdoors and enjoy it. If you are among those warm weather lovers, designing your outdoor patio may be on the top of your to-do list this season. Here are five things to consider when designing your outdoor patio.


Which way does your patio face? This is important when considering which areas to add shading elements. In addition, you may already have many trees and need to consider removing limbs or whole trees to receive the right amount of sunlight on your patio.


What do you intend to use the patio for? Will you be hosting large parties or simply lounging in a chair to read in the morning? This is important because parties require certain features such as grills and fire pits that a small patio does not. It may also determine the materials you use. If you do not plan on having guests, a simple, white, concrete slab may be all you need. If you plan on entertaining, you may want to add some flare with paver stones or stamped and colored concrete.


This will determine if you choose to add a privacy fence or prefer to remain social with neighbors. Determining your function first will help determine your privacy needs. If you enjoy soaking up sun, you may prefer a more private patio than if you are simply wanting to enjoy your morning coffee with a good book.

City Codes

Often, cities require permits to pour concrete. Generally, this is so local officials can regulate your home taxes. This should be taken into consideration so that you are aware of how much your patio may cost depending on the materials you use. It is best to check with your local inspector before finalizing your project plans.


This should be the biggest decision-maker of all. If certain materials or a permit are too expensive, you may need to look into other options. You may also need to scale down an original idea to fit your price range.

When The Project Is Too Big To Handle

As with many home improvement projects, designing your outdoor patio can become time consuming. Professional landscapers may be a better option for you. They often employ design experts to help you achieve a finished product even better than your original idea. They also can work to stay within the budget you set forth because they are familiar with local codes and material costs. To find one, your best option is to use TalkLocal. We’ll hook you up with a qualified professional in your area for free.

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