When To Get A Watsu Massage

When To Get A Watsu Massage - Massage Therapy

If you are checking into massage therapists and find one near you that offers “watsu”, you may be wondering when to get a watsu massage. In order to determine that, you first need to know what it is and the conditions it can help.

What Is Watsu?

Watsu is a form of water massage therapy designed by a massage therapist named Harold Dull when he began teaching his Shiatsu students in a warm pool. The deeper relaxation achieved in the warm pool made him decide to pursue this form of therapy further.

The name comes from the combination of “water” and “Shiatsu”. The therapy must be performed in a heated pool with the water being heated to the exact temperature of the body.

Both the massage therapist and the person being treated are in bathing suits. The “table” for this massage is the therapist’s arms — he or she will cradle the client under his or her knees and behind the back. The person receiving treatment will hold one arm behind the therapist’s back and one will remain free floating. The therapist will then be able to stretch and gently twist the client’s body in order to relieve the effects of stress, disability, surgery and more.

How Can It Help?

While this type of therapy certainly helps those with common ailments like chronic pain and stress, it can also alleviate symptoms of the following conditions:

– Cerebral palsy

– Fibromyalgia

– Stroke

– Spinal cord injury

– Post mastectomy

– Parkinson’s Disease

– Traumatic brain injury

– Arthritis

– Post-traumatic stress disorder

 Is Watsu Massage Available In Your Area? Find Out!

In order to determine when to get a watsu massage, you must determine if you have a condition that might be relieved by such a treatment — that is, if it is even available in your local area. To find out, TalkLocal can get you in touch with a massage therapist near you who can answer all of your questions. The best part is our service is completely free!

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