Refinishing Pine Furniture

Refinishing Pine Furniture - Painters

When refinishing any wood surface, properly preparing the surface is incredibly important. An improperly prepared surface will, at best, look bubbly, dingy, or uneven. It might even peel off causing you double the work.

This is especially true when refinishing pine furniture. Pine is a very soft wood, so it needs a protective coating to put up with everyday wear and tear. You can provide this protection by painting it, or if you prefer the wood look, you can seal it with polyurethane.

The steps for using polyurethane are below, but paint can easily be replaced in the steps with less effort.

You will need:

The following is a common method of refinishing pine furniture:

Can’t Do It On Your Own?

If you still are unsure about the process, it’s best to contact a professional. He or she will know about proper ventilation and will be able to determine how to make your furniture look its best. TalkLocal can help connect you with a professional painter in your area. Best of all, our service is free!

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