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Clean Leather Car Seats - Car Wash

Leather seats can really add to the appearance of your car. They give off a feeling of affluence and decorum.  Usually they are easy to wipe off, but you may need to do a deeper clean.  Dirty seats can quickly become an eyesore that ruins the overall appeal of your car, so you should clean leather car seats as soon as possible. If your leather seat gets dirty or stained, it will be more costly to have the material cleaned or replaced than normal polyester seats.

How to Clean Leather Car Seats

1. The first thing you need to do is clean off the surface of the seats.  You will need to remove all of the dirt and larger debris using a soft towel or brush.  Try to use a material that leaves as little lint behind as possible.  You can use a simple store-bought cleaner to clean the surface of the seats.

2. Once the seats have been cleaned with the cleaner, wipe the surfaces down with water.  This will get rid of any harsh chemical residue that could potentially harm the seat material.  Dry the seats completely before moving on.

3. There is a wide array of leather seat conditioners available.  The cost of the cleaner will usually correspond to the quality.  You will need to condition your seats now.

4. Apply the solution liberally with a sponge.  Lay it on evenly and rub it in completely.  Do not leave it sitting on top of the seat.  Your seats will be more protected if you rub the conditioner all the way in.  Make sure your car is in the shade while the conditioner soaks in and dries.

5. Wait 24 hours and wipe the seats down with a dry cloth to get rid of remaining residue before using the car.

Find A Car Wash In Your Area

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