Common Exotic House Plants

Common Exotic House Plants - Florists

Nothing can add flair to your home like a beautiful plant in the right spot. Sometimes, the typical plants we see can get boring, though. If you’re interested in some common exotic house plants, or if you want to give a gorgeous plant as a gift, check out some of these exotic plants that will flourish in your home:

Zebra Plant: These house plants have really bold stripes on their leaves, similar to that of their namesake. During their peak season, autumn, they blossom golden flowers that are vibrant and vivid enough to steal the attention of every guest in your home. Zebra Plants are from Brazil, so you need to make sure they get a lot of sun and stay warm year round.

Moth Orchid: If you are tantalized by the beauty of the exotic orchid, but worried it may be too exotic for you, the Moth Orchid is your best friend. It’s also called the “Beginner’s Orchid” because it’s pretty easy to care for, but its exotic beauty’s appeal is similar to that of its wilder cousins.

Crab Cactus: This plant is named for the indentations on its petals that make it look like it’s full of crab claws. You can grow it in various sizes, and when it blossoms in the fall, the flowers range from white to pink to deep red and are oftentimes multicolored, too. This plant’s unique look makes it an eye-catcher.

Roses: Although these flowers are not the most exotic, they can beautify your home. They come in a range of colors that are associated with different meanings, which makes them the perfect flower for a gift.

Bromeliads: If you’re looking for a taller plant for your home, this gorgeous plant is what you will want. They average around 20 inches tall and they’re full of gorgeous red-orange flowers that complement their deep green leaves perfectly.

Bougainvillea: The name isn’t the only unique thing about this plant. It thrives well in containers or even baskets, which allows you to get creative with your potting. Bougainvillea flowers profusely, showing off awesome petals in different shades of pink, purple, red, orange and sometimes even a light blue.

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These common exotic house plants will do well in your home even though they’re typically found in more exotic locations. For help with other questions related to home floral arrangements or gardening, use TalkLocal. We can connect you with local florists quickly and easily.

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