Can Physical Therapy Help Bulging Disc?

Can Physical Therapy Help Bulging Disc? - Chiropractors

Generally, bulging discs don’t cause pain, but if the disc presses the spinal nerves, you can experience symptoms such as acute pain radiating through the back and legs. Moreover, if bulging disc symptoms are getting worse, they may signal a more serious problem, like a herniated disc. Knowing how to interpret your symptoms can go a long way, as it can help you find the right treatment more easily.

First, most bulging discs occur in the lumbar area, or lower back. The vertebrae in your backbone are separated by disks that work as a cushioning layer. The outer part of the disk consists of a stronger cartilage, while the inner part is soft and spongy. When the disc is bulging, it means that it comes out of its regular space. Bulging is typically associated with aging, which causes the degeneration of the discs, but all age groups may be affected. Other causes include trauma, injuries, lifting, or obesity.

If you’ve been experiencing persistent pain in your lower back, chances are that it is caused by a bulging disc. Fortunately, most people with a bulging disc do not require surgery. Treatments focus primarily on pain relief and, of course, healing. Before choosing a treatment, your doctor will assess your condition. Pain is a sign of inflammation, so your physician may recommend rest and prescribe some anti-inflammatory medication. Patients confronting severe pain are treated with injected steroids to relieve pain.

Yes, it can. Physical therapy techniques are widely used in alleviating and treating the symptoms of bulging discs, but their effectiveness depends on the severity of the condition and other particular factors, varying from one individual to another.

There are several physical therapy techniques that are used in treating bulging disc symptoms. These include:

– Massage therapy

– Traction

– Muscle stretching

– Ultrasound

– Heat or ice therapy

– Electrical stimulation

These physical therapy techniques help subdue the pain and increase blood flow. Your physical therapist will evaluate your particular case and design a personalized therapeutic program tailored to your needs.

Do You Need Physical Therapy?

It is important to recognize and understand the symptoms you are experiencing. However, only a specialist can provide an accurate diagnosis. TalkLocal can put you in contact with a medical professional that can suggest an adequate treatment. Our service is fast, free, and effective.

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