Windows 8 DVD Drive

Windows 8 DVD Drive - Computer Repair

If you have a new Windows 8 computer, you might want to know how to troubleshoot your Windows 8 DVD drive when it does not work. This issue can often arise following a Window 8 install. Following the installation process, Windows 8 does not recognize CDs or DVDs. There are, however, a number of steps you can take in an attempt to repair this problem before you have to call in the professionals.

How Do You Know Your Windows 8 DVD Drive Is Not Working?

Even though the tray physically slides out, your DVD drive still might not be functioning correctly. When you insert a DVD or CD into the drive, its presence should be indicated in the File Explorer. If this does not happen, your computer is not recognizing the DVD.

Check Connections And Reset Power

This could be a result of a random hardware issue. These are very easy to fix. You can check the Windows BIOS to see if the drive is recognized. If it’s not, then the problem probably lies in the computer’s hardware.

Ensure that all of the right connections are being made internally. This is an easy for desktop owners, who can open up their towers to make sure that the drive is connected properly. It might help to detach all of the cords running to the drive and reattaching them.

Make sure to restart the power to your computer. Occasionally, that alone will do the trick.

The Automated Process

Running the “Find and fix problems” process can help you efficiently troubleshoot a problematic Windows 8 DVD drive. Simply take the following path to access this feature, and allow the system to diagnose the problem and offer some possible solutions.

Control Panel > System and Security > Find and Fix Problems

Select “Hardware and Sound” and click “Configure Device”.

Finding Professional Help

Not everyone is savvy with computers, which is why the services of a quality computer repair technician are so important. They are also hard to find. With TalkLocal, you can type in a little information about your problem and we’ll have the right professionals call you, ready to assist. It’s literally the quickest way to fix any of your computer woes.

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