Install A New C Drive

Install New C Drive - Computer Repair

Many of you might refer to your computer’s hard drive as the C drive. This stems from the fact that Windows assigned this letter to the primary portion of your hard drive. Learning to install a new C drive is as simple as installing a new hard drive, with one added twist.

Here are the basic steps that can help you install a new C drive.

Back Up Your Drive

Since the C drive contains so much valuable data, you will want to back up your existing drive. This will that ensure your computer retains all important programs and files.

You can back up your information either to an external hard drive, or else many companies offer online storage back-up options. Just make sure the information is correctly stored before going through with your C drive replacement.

Identify Your Existing Hard Drive

Open your computer and find where your hard drive is. Make sure to note all the cables that are running to and from it.

Unhook the cables from the hard drive and replace it with your new one. You will want to hook up the same wires and cables to your new hard drive. There will likely be a place to mount your new hard drive. Make sure it is secure, and use mounting rails if your new hard drive has them.

Add Partitions To The Hard Drive

You can’t install a new C drive unless you partition your hard drive. Each letter indicates a partition of the hard drive. So, the C drive is one partition of your hard drive.

In most versions of Windows, you can partition your new hard drive by taking the following path:

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

You can then run a partition wizard which will partition your hard drive.

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