Symptoms Of A Sick Tree

Symptoms Of A Sick Tree - Tree Removal

It isn’t always easy to tell whether a tree is dead, sick, or healthy. If the tree is dead, you need to cut it down, but if is just sick, there may be hope. Looking for the symptoms of a sick tree can be tricky. These five areas of the tree are your road signs.

When looking for symptoms of a sick tree, you want to:

Check the leaves: If it isn’t autumn and your leaves are dropping in high volume, or if they are dropping too quickly or in larger amounts than usual, the tree is likely sick. If the leaves are not dropping off, but they are discolored or shriveling up, that is also a symptom of a sick tree.

Examine the branches: If your branches are falling off, that is one of the primary symptoms of a sick tree. Of course, strong winds and storms can knock them off, but sick trees usually drop branches more than usual. They are usually bare of leaves when they drop as well. If you inspect the branches closely, you might even be able to see signs of tree rot or insect damage, which would explain the sickness in your tree.

Look at the trunk: You do not want any holes or dents in your tree trunk. Although they might make cozy homes for forest friends, they are a sure sign of a dying tree.

Check the bark: A healthy tree has healthy bark. Healthy bark is usually flexible and soft. A sick tree’s unhealthy bark may be brittle, scratchy, or even falling off. Bald spots are a symptom of a sick tree.

Don’t forget the roots: A lot of things could hurt the roots, from water to the lawn mower to your kids’ toys. If the roots are damaged, the whole tree is in danger. Check to make sure they are not flooded or scratched in any way.

You Might Require A Tree Removal Service

If all five of these symptoms of a sick tree check out, your tree might not be sick after all. It never hurts to get a professional opinion when dealing with a tree that could potentially be dangerous if it does die and fall over. TalkLocal can connect you to local professionals in your area to help you take care of your sick or dying trees.

3 Responses to “Symptoms Of A Sick Tree”

  1. Aria Wellington says:

    My husband and I recently moved to a new home and we found that our big oak in the back is oozing. We are thinking that it might be a fungal or insect infection based on the research that we have done. It seems like having someone that specializes in tree care come to take a look might be a smart idea.

  2. Nash Rich says:

    Noticing a dead tree isn’t hard, but it’s harder to tell when it’s sick. I guess it’s good to pay attention to those kinds of things, so you can save the tree. I thought it was a good tip to check the roots too. Sometimes they’re more noticeable than you’d think, you just have to look for them.

  3. Luke Smith says:

    This is really great to know, I would not want one of my trees to die, fall and land on my house. I will have to keep an eye out on the leaves and branches to see if they are falling too soon, and too much. I feel like I will be better prepared for something like this.

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