How To Save Energy With Home Improvements: Landscaping

How To Save Energy With Home Improvements: Landscaping - Landscapers

Landscaping may not be the first method that comes to mind when considering how to save energy with home improvements. Everyone knows about how increased insulation, low-e windows, and energy-efficient appliances can save you on your energy bill, but people rarely consider the benefits of landscaping.

You may be surprised to learn how much a few trees and shrubs can save you.

Saving With Your Landscaping

Adding trees around your home will shade it during the summer. This will prevent the sun from heating up your home and help to keep it cool. The cooler the trees keep your home, the less energy your air conditioner has to use to cool it down.

In the winter, if the trees are deciduous, they will lose their leaves and the sun can reach the house, helping to keep it warm. Evergreen trees added to the property where the wind generally blows helps create a wind block, too.

These trees, in addition to low-lying shrubs, help prevent drafts in the home from wind and therefore work to keep the home warmer.

Why Worry About It?

If you are concerned about the environment, then you already know how our society’s massive energy use is affecting it. The more energy we use, the more greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere.

These contribute to global warming, which is thought to be the cause of the extreme weather conditions that are increasing as the years go by. If none of that concerns you, you may be interested in how to save on your budget. The math is simple: use less energy, spend less money.

Call In The Landscapers

Although landscaping may not be your first answer to how to save energy with home improvements, it should certainly be a consideration. To talk to a professional landscaper, let TalkLocal help. We will connect you with a qualified landscaper in your area fast, and the best part is our service is completely free.

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