Fertilizing Evergreen Trees

Fertilizing Evergreen Trees - Landscapers

Evergreen trees can add beauty to your yard and attract a variety of wildlife. If you plan to grow your evergreen trees from saplings, you will need to give them the proper care so they can grow big and stay healthy.

Part of growing an evergreen tree means fertilizing it. Fertilizer gives the tree extra nutrients that it may not be able to get from the soil. If you are thinking about growing your own trees, consider these tips for fertilizing evergreen trees.

How To Tell If You Should Fertilize Your Trees

Before you can determine if your evergreen trees need fertilizer, you need to test your soil. You can buy test kits at most home improvement stores and garden centers. You should test your soil in early spring. The test results will show you how well the soil has recovered from the winter weather and how much fertilizer you will need to add to the soil.

When Is The Right Time For Fertilizing Evergreen Trees?

The best time to fertilize your trees is mid-April. It will help trees that are recovering from the winter do so faster and make them healthier overall. Adding fertilizer at the right time will also make the trees stronger during the new growing season. You can give the trees another fertilizer treatment in late summer, around August. Never fertilize trees after the ground has frozen.

Which Trees Should Be Fertilized?

When fertilizing evergreen trees, it is important to consider their age. Young trees generally do not need to be fertilized. They are capable of making it through the winter just fine. Trees that have made it through their first winter can be fertilized every two to four years or until they have established themselves completely and are healthy.

Keep Your Evergreen Trees Healthy

Fertilizer can help make your trees healthy and is often necessary if you want them to survive the winter. Always be sure to use the appropriate amount of fertilizer and do the treatments as often as needed.

Most landscapers can properly gauge what needs fertilizing in your yard. If you do not use the services of a landscaper, but would like to explore the opportunity, turn to TalkLocal. We will contact local landscapers and connect you with them directly, in just minutes.

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