How To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat: Roofing

How To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat: Roofing - Landscapers

If you are pondering how to stay cool in the summer heat, your roof is a good place to start. If your home is topped with black tar shingles or other dark-colored roofing materials, you may be suffering from the heat unnecessarily.

Cool metal roofs, reflective roofs, and even thermal-activated roofing tiles provide consumers with a multitude of options depending on your needs, location, and budget. Energy Star-approved roofing saves money and keeps buildings cooler. Some of these even keep absorbed heat on reserve for later use.

Let’s look at how to stay cool in the summer heat through the use of smart roofing.

Reflective roofs are just what they sound like. Applying reflective or white, heat-resistant paint to a roof serves several purposes. It drastically lowers the surface temperature of the roof, which in turn reduces how much heat is absorbed and redistributed. Reflective roof paint was recommended as an accessible, cost-effective solution by the federal government in 2003. Since then, technology has advanced. But reflecting roofing remains effective and is a great solution for families on a budget.

Cool metal roofing is reported to lower home cooling costs by up to 40 percent annually. This is a good solution for steep-slope and low-slope roofing alike. Cool metal roofing works in two main ways. It is reflective, providing similar benefits to a painted, reflective roof. It is also emissive, so it radiates heat outward, essentially sending it upward. Emissive metal roofing has been shown to reduce urban air temperatures as much as 12 percent. On a hot day, that can make a tremendous difference.

Thermal-activated roof tiles are an amazing advance in both heating and cooling and are a key in how to stay cool in the summer heat. These tiles measure the heat outside, and turn dark (to absorb heat) or reflective depending on the weather. This makes roofs incredibly efficient, leading to drastic savings year round. They are especially valuable in areas with unpredictable weather patterns, while eliminating the need to redo your roof paint for each new season.

Making alterations to improve the efficiency of your home’s roof serves many purposes. Aside from how to stay cool in the summer heat, reflective roofs save on electric bills and help the environment by using less energy. Many insurance providers give discounts for energy-saving modifications like energy-saving roofing.

When you consider the benefits, there’s really no reason not to invest a little time and effort on staying cool and saving money.

How To Take Advantage Of These Roofing Options

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