How To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat: Windows

How To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat: Windows - Window Replacement

Once the weather warms up, we’re all looking at how to stay cool in the summer heat. A lot of us think of fans or air conditioning, and maybe a tall glass of lemonade.

But, did you know that your windows, or what’s on them, can make a profound difference in your comfort during the summer months? It’s true. If you’re willing to make an upfront investment and spend a little time, your windows can start keeping you cooler and helping lower your electric bill.

How? Two words: reflective glass.

What Is Reflecting Glass?

Reflecting glass, which has the same concept as low-e windows, is the miracle of how to stay cool in the summer heat. Whether you replace your current windows with reflective glass, apply reflective paint (don’t worry, you can still see through it), or install removable reflective window film, you can expect big savings and increased comfort. In fact, more homeowners — and even apartment-dwellers — than ever are learning the benefits of reflective windows.

What you can expect from reflective windows:

A cooler temperature. Heat is reflected away from your home. Additionally, furniture and floors absorb less heat so that less is radiated throughout the room. Even leather furniture stays comfortable.

Privacy. During the day, privacy is guaranteed by reflective windows. You’ll still want to close the curtains at night though, if the lights are on.

If reflective film is applied, windows become less likely to shatter in case of an accident or storm damage. In this regard, window film is less about how to stay cool in the summer heat and more about safety.

Some films reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside of the window glass. This leads to less condensation, which is especially great for homes with windows in wooden frames.

Reflective windows aren’t just for summer. In winter months, they can reflect heat back into the room, keeping it warmer and reducing heating costs.

Reflective glass offers protection from ultraviolet rays, which means curtains, carpets, and painted walls are less likely to fade and will need to be repainted or replaced far less often.

Who Can Replace My Windows?

Do reflective windows sound good to you? Now, all you need to do is find someone that can install them. TalkLocal has the answer. After collecting information about your needs, we find three local professionals that could be of service. You get to decide which one you want to go with. And our service is fast and free.

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