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Increase Motorcycle MPG - Auto Repair

If you own a motorcycle, you probably already know that they get pretty good gas mileage. For many people, this is why they chose to buy a motorcycle in the first place.

Did you know that you can increase motorcycle mpg with a few simple techniques? It’s true, try one of these methods and you could be driving even further on a tank of gas.


The accessories and decoration which are hanging on your bike may look good, but they could be hurting your gas mileage. These things can make your bike heavy and cause it to use more gas than necessary.

Remove the items unless they are absolutely necessary or serve a purpose on the bike. You can always add them back at a later time or when your bike is parked and on display. Also, check your tires. Under-inflated tires (maybe you need to change one of them) can contribute to decreased mpg.


Many people are not aware that the way they drive can increase motorcycle mpg. When you drive fast or are quick to accelerate and hit the brakes, you are using more gas than necessary and essentially wasting it.

Slow down and only go as fast as the speed limit or as necessary. If you know you will be stopping, try coasting or barely giving the bike any gas.

Driving In Town

While most people enjoy driving their motorcycle in town, it can use a lot of gas. Starting and stopping uses more gas than if you are driving for longer periods of time between stopping. Avoid rush hour traffic and try to stay away from busy streets.

Face Shield

Little things like wearing a face shield can help increase motorcycle mpg. The face shield helps reduce wind resistance and helps save your gas. Many helmets come with face shields.

All of these techniques are simple, inexpensive, and effective at increasing the gas mileage on your bike. Try one or more of them out and see for yourself.

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