What Is A Transponder Key?

What Is A Transponder Key? - Locksmiths

Almost all car keys are transponder keys. They have buttons built into the key that lock or unlock your car, open your trunk, or set off the car alarm. Transponder keys ultimately reduce the risk of theft. So, what is a transponder key? Keep reading to find out!

What Is A Transponder Key?

A transponder key has two components: a transmitter and a responder. A small chip is placed inside your car key. Your vehicle can detect your key’s commands and when your key is in the ignition. This key is important for car safety, as it prevents your car from being hot-wired from someone without the appropriate key. A car will not start without its designated transponder key because the car cannot detect the transmitted low-frequency signal from the key. Even if you make a copy of the car key that does not have the corresponding low-frequency signal, the car will not start.

Transponder keys can also be used for gate openers and keyless entry systems, although they are more popularly used for cars. Some cars’ transponder keys do not even need to be placed in the ignition. As long as the key is within a certain distance of your vehicle, such as in your purse or pocket, the car will run. When the car detects the signal from the key, it starts. However, if the key is a certain distance away from the car, the car’s engine will turn off and the car will lock. Don’t forget to leave the house without your key!

What If I Lose My Transponder Key?

Car dealers usually give you two transponder keys just in case you lose one. If you lose your transponder key, contact your car dealer or a professional locksmith. TalkLocal will connect you directly with the best locksmiths in your local area in just minutes.

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