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Car Detailing Prices - Car Wash

How much money would you be willing to invest in your automobile to see it shining like a new penny on a regular basis? In other words, home much would you be willing to spend on professional car detailing? Some companies charge you less than you would expect, but provide average, unimpressive results; others overcharge you but meet your highest expectations, while only a few car detailing experts manage to surprise you in a pleasant manner, without burning deep holes in your pockets. Long story short, how much is too much when it comes to car detailing prices?

How to estimate car detailing prices

The price that you’re likely to pay for car detailing depends on numerous factors:

a)    The services you actually ask for: If you want to profit from a complete package, including interior (clean seats, seatbelts, all leather and vinyl surfaces, trunk, spare tire, steering wheel, dash, console, glove compartment, carpet scrub, clean engine) and exterior detail (clean chromed surfaces, glass areas, door jambs, rubber elements, swirl mark removal, professional waxing, paint buffing, and so on).

b)    The current condition of your car: If your car is extremely filthy, be prepared to pay a little more for auto detailing services. Most companies operating in this line of work will charge you extra if your car is unimaginably dirty, because in this particular situation, fixing your problem will require an increased amount of time and a larger quantity of products utilized in the cleaning and polishing process.

c)     The area that you live in and the reputation of the car detailing company that you plan to contact: If you live in an exclusive neighborhood, or if you want to give your car an extreme makeover with help from real professionals hired by a famous “auto spa,” be prepared to spend a significant amount of money to see your car shining like new. If you are interested in a complete package, you could get it for approximately $200 by opting for an average car detailing company, but you could also pay twice as much for professional services provided by a high-end car detailing shop.

How to find the best auto detailing expert

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