Does Physical Therapy Help Vertigo?

Does Physical Therapy Help Vertigo? - Chiropractors

Vertigo and Quality of Life

Vertigo is an ear condition that gives you the illusion that you are falling or that your environment is moving. It’s a debilitating health condition that can severely affect your quality of life. You can feel nauseous or be afraid to fall constantly. Because vertigo is an ear condition, a doctor will check your ears for any malfunctioning. A doctor will also check your eyes for nystagmus, which is the rapid, involuntary movement of the eyes, to help determine which canals of your ears are affected by vertigo.

Does Physical Therapy Help Vertigo?

A trained physical therapist will be able to determine the types of maneuvers that you can do to help you cope with vertigo. Your physical therapist will also instruct you on what you can do if the symptoms of vertigo recur. The therapist may also assess your balance and teach you techniques that will improve it. Physical therapy also helps spinal stenosis, which may worsen your symptoms of vertigo. Physical therapists may also tell you to sleep at a 45-degree angle for a night of treatment.

Physical therapy is useful for vertigo by training the brain to make up for the damage in the ear. It does this by improving your overall balance. Your physician will help you determine if you need chiropractic therapy. Physicians will commonly refer you to a physical therapist if you are suffering from vertigo, because it will help you cope with this condition. Indeed, if you are asking “does physical therapy help vertigo?” then the answer is: yes.

Finding Professional Help

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