Growing Fruit Vines

Growing Fruit Vines - Landscapers

What Types of Fruit Grow on Vines?

The typical answer to this question is usually grapes, but did you know that kiwi and passion fruit also grow on vines? Kiwi climbs a pergola pretty well and can be harvested in late autumn. Passion fruit, on the other hand, has a rampant growth rate and can be harvested in late spring to early autumn. Growing fruit vines is not difficult. With this in mind, growing these types of fruit is easier than growing espalier trees.

How to Grow Fruit Vines

Growing fruit vines is ideal for small, cramped gardens because vines grow vertically and don’t require much space. Of course, growing these types of plants depends on your climate and growing conditions. With the right climate and type of soil, you may be able to enjoy harvests yearly. When planting grapes, for example, you have to pay attention to the roots. Don’t let them dry out. You can keep them in a bucket of water for up to a day while you look for spots to plant them.

Grapes, like other fruit vines, grow well on fences and trellises. Water your plants frequently. Again, this is done so that the roots don’t become dry. Passion fruits, the same with grapes and kiwis, need full sunlight to grow well. Keep them in a spot with plenty of sunlight. It is best for these types of plants to grow in slightly acidic soil as well. It also helps if you prune your plants each spring. This will help them grow more vigorously. Check the variety of plants that you take care of, as pruning depends on the variety.

Where to Get Help

Professional landscapers will be able to help you grow fruit vines. TalkLocal will connect you with landscapers in your area. Contact us today!

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