Power Steering Pump Noise

Power Steering Pump Noise - Auto Repair

The power steering system is a vital part of your car, but in time it may wear out, just like any other part of your vehicle. One of the most frequent problems that can make the power steering system stop working is the power steering pump.

What Does a Power Steering Pump Noise Tell You?

One possible cause is a low level of fluid. If the noise still persists after adding fluid, it might be because there’s air within the lines, and the fluid pushes it out. If air is trapped in the power steering system, you need to rev the engine and turn the steering wheel from side to side several times. Usually this pushes air out and eliminates the unpleasant power steering pump noise.

Can the Power Steering Pump Noise Signal Other Problems?

Yes, it can. Leaking is another possible cause of a power steering pump noise. If you’ve identified the leak and the pump noise is still there after fixing it, it might be that the parts used are made of plastic. Or maybe there is a blockage in the lines, which can also prevent the power steering pump from working properly.

If replacing the fluid, repairing a possible leak, and removing air or a blockage from the lines don’t solve your power steering pump problem, it might be time to change it. Avoid buying cheap, rebuilt versions, and purchase a new pump from your car dealer to make sure it does its job properly and you get rid of that annoying noise.

Also, remember that if you want your power steering pump to work well, it is advisable to use the right power steering fluid. If your car needs automatic transmission fluid, use that. If it’s a particular brand of power steering fluid, be sure to put that into your pump, otherwise you’ll need to repair it or even replace it sooner than expected.

Additional Help

Still can’t identify the source of your power steering pump noise? You might need the help of an expert. TalkLocal can put you in touch with local professionals who can assist you with your car problem immediately.

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