Interlocking Teak Deck Tiles

Interlocking Teak Deck Tiles - Landscapers

A deck or patio allows you to spend great moments outdoors without actually leaving your home. Moreover, they can improve the appeal and value of your house. One of the most accessible ways to create an outdoor space where you can relax together with your family and entertain your guests is to use interlocking teak tiles for your deck.

Here are some reasons why interlocking teak deck tiles are a great option for your yard or garden.

Traditional Timber Decks vs. Interlocking Teak Deck Tiles

Traditional timber decks are more difficult to build and involve a lot of planning and construction materials. Besides timber boards, you will need a lot of fasteners, such as nails and screws.

Also, to install a timber deck, you have to use a sub-frame first, onto which the boards are attached. Needless to say, this outdoor flooring option is not only labor-intensive, but also more expensive.

Unlike conventional decks, interlocking teak deck tiles make your task much easier. You don’t need a carpenter to build your deck if you choose to use them because you can do it yourself. Interlocking tiles are specially designed for quick installation.

They are not only practical, but also allow you to create the patterns you want for your deck. All you need to do is measure your space, choose your design, and begin snapping the tiles in the desired pattern.


Another advantage of interlocking teak deck tiles is price. They are less expensive than timber boards, which makes them an affordable option for a limited budget. You can install them on top of pavers or concrete covered areas, without having to worry about deck adherence and stability.

Low Maintenance

Wood board decking generally requires regular maintenance to preserve its qualities. This involves oiling, sanding, and refinishing. With interlocking teak deck tiles, maintenance is minimal, because they are treated with special resins to extend their durability and ensure protection.

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