Using Cam Locks

Using Cam Locks - Handyman

Security-conscious people have always been looking for new, simple, accessible, highly effective methods to protect their valuable belongings. Some of them rely on cam locks to secure their assets. Cam locks are very popular, inexpensive locking devices that are easy to install and easy to use.

The first prototype was invented in 1985 in Ontario, Canada. These days, buyers have access to a generous selection of models that could be installed by any homeowner or by locksmiths specialized in various household maintenance assignments.

How to use a cam lock

This locking device has 2 main components: a base, displaying a keyhole, and a tongue or long tailpiece (the actual cam). When using cam locks, you might notice that the cam makes a rotation of up to 180 degrees every single time the key is pushed inside the base.

Despite the fact that they serve the same purpose and display similar features, one can easily find a wide range of cam locks on the market, available in different finishes, sizes, and styles to meet the specific needs and demands of different clients. You should know that there are two main types of cam locks: standard keyed cam locks and more sophisticated combo cam locks, functioning based on a combination dial code.

This last type of cam lock is usually used to secure lockers, and it is highly appreciated because owners don’t have to carry around their key and utilize it to unlock their cabinets.

When to use a cam lock

Cam locks are the ideal alternative at hand for people who want to secure their cabinets, desks, trophy cases, old windows, school lockers, electrical panels, and other items in a cost- and time-effective manner. Using cam locks will prevent theft and unauthorized access effectively, as long as the locking mechanism is flawless and the device functions properly.

One can choose the best cam locks based on price tag, special features, and also according to the particularities of the area that needs to be secured. Brass or steel cam locks are ideal for various indoor applications, while products manufactured from durable, highly resistant materials like galvanized steel are perfect for outdoor usage.

When to ask for help

Generally speaking, using cam locks shouldn’t pose any problems. However, if you want to find the very best locking devices, rely on expert guidance provided by skilled locksmiths. Find the best ones in your area by using TalkLocal, your free connection to the most highly-qualified professionals in your area.


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