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Roof Valley Construction - Roofers

A roof valley is the joint where the two slopes of a roof meet. Proper roof valley construction is the best way to make sure no water collects in the joint and seeps below to damage the shingles of the roofing. The best way to perform a systematic roof valley construction is to use a metal flashing to cover the joints.

Roof Valley Construction Tips

1. Seal the roof valley entirely with tar paper. Start at the bottom near the eaves and place sections of tar paper such that each piece above overlaps the piece below by 6 inches. This will make sure no moisture gets under it.

2. You can now get started with the metal flashing. Always try to get a flashing at least 24 inches wide so that it covers at least 12 inches of roof on both slopes. Bend the flashing right in the middle in such a way that it fits perfectly in the valley. The easiest way to do this bending is using a large tool called a “break.” It can be found in hardware stores, and your best bet would be to take your flashing there and have them do it for you.

3. Now carefully lay the flashing atop the already-placed tar paper in a way that it fits perfectly and adheres to both sections of the roof. Position the flashing and firmly nail it in place. Make sure you press in all nails very close to the edge of the flashing so that it will be covered by the shingles on both sides. Do not have any nails near the crease in the middle.

4. Make sure that you carefully shingle the roof. Choose the right shingles that look good and provide flawless protection from the elements. Place shingles on both the sides and trim the shingles carefully to finish with a neat and tidy look. Performing high quality roof valley construction ensures that your home stays effectively protected from the elements.

Get Professional Roofing Help

Projects like roof valley construction are best left to professional roofers for a complete and infallible job. If you need a roofer, TalkLocal will do the legwork for you and bring the best professionals in your area directly to you. Just give us a call or drop by our website.

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