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Use Post Hole Digger - Handyman

Post hole diggers are excellent tools that can be used in a wide range of applications. For instance, you can utilize this tool when you want to plant a tree or build a solid, durable fence.

Because a post-hole digger is not one of the most common tools frequently utilized by homeowners, it is advisable to rent one, rather than spending a small fortune on equipment that will end up gathering dust in your garage. Keep reading to find out how to use post hole digger, and make sure to contact a skilled handyman if you have additional questions.

Types of Post Hole Diggers

Now you can easily find various types of post hole diggers on the market. The manual type is equipped with handles and a pair of blades. It is inserted into the ground to extract a chunk of soil and dig a hole. Users should repeat this simple action until they finally obtain a hole that is deep enough to serve its purpose.

However, if you want to finalize a project in record time and with minimal effort, the auger type is by far the best alternative at hand, as it is much easier to use. The auger post hole diggers can create bigger, deeper holes with maximum precision. However, this device displays one limitation that every user should take into consideration: The neater holes dug by the auger models will all have the same size, coinciding with the diameter of the drilling device’s screw.

How to Utilize a Post Hole Digger

Want to learn how to use post hole digger?

1. Start by asking for a soil analysis to establish what type of post hole digger you might need to get the job done. It is recommended to start digging holes after rainfall, or after damping the soil using a garden hose.

2. Penetrate the soil by dropping the post hole digger with its metallic jaws left in an open position. Repeat this action several times to come up with a well-defined hole.

3. Form dirt clumps at least 10 to 20 inches far from the cavity; then start deepening the hole.

4. When you are finally pleased with the depth of your excavation, use the level bottom post to flatten the surface located at the bottom of the recently dug hole.

5. If you’re dealing with rock-hard soil that is virtually impossible to excavate, rely on a heavy-duty post-hole digger for 1 or 2 persons, running on gas.

Ask an expert

Undoubtedly, digging perfect holes in rock-hard soils can be quite a challenge. Instead of trying to use post hole digger on your own, let a skilled handyman address all of your home improvement needs in a timely manner. Use TalkLocal, your free service, to find the best specialists in your area who can complete any project, regardless of its size and its complexity, on time and on a budget.


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