Estimates of Physical Therapy Prices

Estimates of Physical Therapy Prices - Chiropractors

If you’re not covered by Medicaid and you have to pay physical therapy prices out of pocket, here is what you need to know.

Outpatients pay a fee for a service. For a standard therapeutic exercise, $78 is the average charge for 15 minutes. Roughly, $98 is the cost of one session of therapeutic activity. Therefore, if you’ve been advised to take a 45-minute physical therapy session, the price of that will be in the neighborhood of $250 to $300.

Physical Therapy after Minor Sports Injury

To pay for physical therapy and sports medicine, a patient will shell out about $65 for one session. This fee already includes some medicine used for the session. For follow up evaluations and successive treatment sessions, physical therapy prices are approximately $18 per 15 minutes. These estimates can change depending on the gravity of the injury.

Massage Therapy

This is slightly cheaper. The cost is pegged at about a dollar per minute, and the service is available in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute sessions. Therefore, if you sign up for a 30-minute session, you will likely be billed approximately $30.

Therapy for Speech and Language Pathology

This set of services has the steepest prices. Some patients need therapy for something as simple as swallowing. The charge for that averages $200. For services related to the use of a voice prosthetic, expect to be billed $400 to $500.

These are just samplings of a field that has a wide variety of services. Physical therapy seeks to restore an individual’s functionality and to provide them comfort. Assessing what needs to be done exactly happens in a 45-minute session. After the diagnosis, six to 12 weeks of treatment can lead to noticeable results.

Many physical therapy centers provide a discount for the uninsured and those paying out of pocket. So in order to afford weeks of physical therapy, you should look for a provider that offers discounts without compromising quality.

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