What to Do If You Find Your USPS Mailbox Broken

What to Do If You Find Your USPS Mailbox Broken - Handyman

United States Postal Service (USPS) mailboxes are designed and installed according to specific standards. If you find your USPS mailbox broken or damaged in any way, by accident or as a result of daily wear and tear, you should follow some guidelines when fixing it. If you need a new mailbox, you can find some of the top rated mailboxes from Amazon, starting at $26.22 and have it shipped overnight.

To deliver your mail, the USPS requires you to be familiar with its standards and make sure that the area surrounding the mailbox is accessible. Here’s what you should know if one day you find your USPS mailbox broken.

Notify the Local Postal Service

Before installing a new USPS mailbox it’s best to notify your local post office. The same goes for mailbox replacement or relocation.

Get Approval for Your Mailbox

If you find your USPS mailbox broken  and it really can’t be fixed, you should purchase a new one from a shop which sells mailboxes approved by the Postmaster. If you want a customized mailbox, you’ll need approval before installing it.

Get the Identification Right

USPS mailboxes must follow certain rules as far as identification is concerned. You should use at least one inch letters to write your name on the mailbox. Also, the name of the street and the street number should be inscribed both on the front of the mailbox and on the side to allow the mailman to see it when approaching.

The Height and Locks of the USPS Mailbox

USPS mailboxes should be 41-45 inches in height, starting from the ground. If your mailbox is locked, it should have a frontal slot which allows the postal worker to slide the mail in easily.

Purchasing a new USPS Mailboxes

If your USPS mailbox is not repairable or salvageable, it may be more affordable and efficient of your time to purchase a new mailbox. You can purchase a brand new USPS mailbox from Amazon, starting at $26.22 and have it shipped overnight. Once you have purchased a new USPS mailbox, TalkLocal can help you find a local handyman who help you to install it at an affordable cost.

Refrain from Sticking Ads on USPS Mailboxes

Advertising is not allowed on USPS mailboxes, so keep your mailbox clean and clear of ads to comply with USPS standards.

Ensure Access to Your USPS Mailbox

It is your duty as an owner to provide access to your USPS mailbox if you want your mail to be delivered. If the postal worker does not have access to your mailbox because it’s covered by snow, or it’s blocked by a vehicle or a garbage bin, you won’t get your mail delivered.

Can’t Fix Your Mailbox?

If you need help to fix your USPS mailbox or install a new one, TalkLocal can connect you with local handymen who can do the job in the shortest amount of time. Our service is fast and free.


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