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Mailbox Lock Broken - Locksmiths

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Is your mailbox lock broken? Numerous homeowners are forced to deal with defective mailbox locks that put their privacy on the line and cause many headaches.

Is there a time- and cost-efficient way to fix a mailbox lock that is broken? Keep reading to identify the fastest solution to your broken mailbox lock.

Check the Guidelines Provided by the United States Postal Service

Did you know that it is illegal to pry open your own mailbox? In addition, mail carriers won’t deliver your correspondence if your box is unsecured or unlocked.

If you have lost the key to your mailbox, the United States Postal Service advises you to contact the owner of the building that you live in, or your superintendent, and ask them for a new key.

Mailbox Lock Broken?

To avoid unsatisfactory results and legal complications, call your building manager and explain the present situation. They will most likely decide to call a competent locksmith who could provide professional repairs.

If your mailbox is shared with all the neighbors from your street, you could also contact representatives from your local post office, who will offer you the services of a maintenance specialist.

In this case, you just have to tell them the CBU (central box unit) location and your box number. The maintenance expert will fix your broken lock or install a new one and give you a new set of keys.

DIY Project or Locksmith Services?

If somehow you managed to break the key inside your mailbox lock, you could try to remove it by using paperclips or a broken key extractor. However, this process is tedious and extremely difficult. Moreover, keep in mind that a DIY project could get you into a lot of trouble, especially if the mailbox belongs to your local post office and is not your property.

Ask for Help

Mailbox lock broken? If you want to solve this frustrating problem as soon as possible, discuss your options with a respectable locksmith in your area, specialized in defective lock and key mechanisms. Use TalkLocal, a free service, to be connected with dependable, competent professionals who provide high-quality services in your area.

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