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Outdoor Teak Decking - Landscapers

If you’re planning to build a deck in your backyard or refurbish your patio, your first concern, besides price, is probably choosing the right material. Teak is a highly sought out wood when it comes to outdoor decking. Let’s see why, and determine which outdoor teak decking options are available.

Why Should You Go for Teak?

Teak is a great choice for outdoor applications for a number of reasons:

– Durability

– Water Resistance

– Versatility

– Low Maintenance

Teak is a yellowish-brown hardwood with unique properties. It’s extremely durable and resists well to moisture. It also produces its own natural oils, which protect it from wear and tear, keeps insects away, and preserve its finish.

Outdoor Decking Options

Interlocking Teak Tiles

If you decide to install a teak deck, one option is to use interlocking teak tiles. They are easy to assemble and allow you to create various patterns, which can be rearranged or moved to a different area. This method is simple and practical, which is why it is preferred by DIY’ers.

Teak Decking Boards

Another option to build your deck is to use teak boards. They have a distinctive elegance, because they highlight the texture of the wood. Generally, teak boards are installed by nailing them to a wooden floor. It is advisable to choose the pattern for your deck before you purchase the teak boards. You can go with a simple square pattern or a rectangular one, or you can create your own custom design.

Teak boards can be used not only for garden patios, but also to build a deck next to or around your pool. They are water resistant and do not warp or crack when exposed to moisture for a long time.

Whatever option you may choose, you can feel confident that your outdoor teak decking will enhance the appeal of your garden or yard, adding value to your property.

Professional Decking Help

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