How to Open a Stuck Car Trunk Latch

How to Open a Stuck Car Trunk Latch - Auto Repair

A car trunk latch that will not release or seems to be stuck is a common problem for car owners, but, fortunately, this is relatively easy to fix. This problem can happen if you don’t keep your vehicle inside a garage, allowing the gears or the mechanism of the latch to become corroded by moisture.

If you’re unable to open your car trunk from the outside, you’ll have to get inside the vehicle to access the latch and repair it.

Repairing a Broken Car Trunk Latch

Most of the newer vehicles today include a safety feature that lets a person open the car trunk from inside. If you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have this feature, there are kits available that you can use to retrofit your vehicle. Also, some newer cars are equipped with a special mechanism for emergency car trunk latch release.

If you cannot open your trunk either because it’s stuck, the lock is broken, or you don’t have a key, here’s what you can do:

1. Test the car trunk latch. If you have a remote control for the trunk but pressing the release button doesn’t work, use your trunk key to open the trunk manually.

2. If your car is equipped with a manual car trunk latch release, locate this inside your vehicle. In a minivan, this feature may be found on the inside of the vehicle’s luggage area underneath a trim panel. In other cars, generally, it can be found either at the back of the car trunk or by the wheel well on the trunk’s sides. This mechanism can be an actual lever like a ripcord or a button.

3. Inspect the mechanism of the latch to check whether there is a broken plastic component. Any broken parts will need to be fixed by a qualified mechanic.

4. Remove dirt and debris from the mechanism by spraying compressed air into it.

5. Put lubricating oil on the gears and hinges of the latch. Turn the key, opening and closing the car trunk latch to work the lubricant into the parts. Then, put lithium grease on the moving parts and the hinges to keep them well lubricated.

Need Help Opening a Locked Car Trunk?

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