HDPE Conduit Pipe

HDPE Conduit Pipe - Electricians

Conduit pipes are those pipes, which are used to protect wiring and cables. HDPE conduit pipes are high-density polyethylene pipes that are employed for the same purpose: to insulate electrical wiring.

There are many types of HDPE conduit pipes, but they all share the qualities of the material they’re made of. HDPE is a lightweight, anti-corrosive thermoplastic, which is extremely resistant, and a great insulating material.

Cable Protection

Cables and electrical wiring are exposed to the elements unless they are inserted into conduit pipes. Water exposure can deteriorate the wiring. Conduit pipes protect the wiring, reducing the risk of electrical short circuits. Electrical shorts are dangerous because they can cause fires or damage equipment, among other problems.

Impact Resistant

HDPE conduit pipes can also protect electrical wiring and cables from impacts. Outdoor cables or those installed in traffic areas are exposed to potential impacts. By covering them with HDPE conduit, you ensure better protection.

Weather Resistant

HDPE conduit pipes can withstand both high and low temperatures. They can be installed in harsh weather conditions and can operate under high temperatures.

Last Longer than Power Cables

You may have to replace the power cable much sooner than the HDPE conduit pipe because this thermoplastic is extremely resistant.

Types of HDPE Conduit Pipes

There are flexible HDPE conduit pipes, as well as rigid ones. The latter are stronger, but it’s more difficult to handle them. Flexible HDPE conduit pipes make installation easy, but they are less resistant to impact or harsh weather conditions.

HDPE Conduit Pipe Uses

HDPE conduit pipes are widely used for power lines, in telecommunications, to insulate fiber-optic cables, or for outdoor lighting.

Need Assistance?

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