How to Fix Leaning Mailbox Posts

How to Fix Leaning Mailbox Posts - Handyman

If your mailbox is leaning for various reasons, such as severe weather or improper installation, sooner or later you’ll have to fix it. That’s a must-do, especially if you consider selling your house. Here’s what you should know about how to fix leaning mailbox posts.

1. Remove the Leaning Mailbox Post from the Ground

If your mailbox is installed on a wooden or metal post and it’s leaning, the best way to fix it is to dig it out of the ground. This may be an easy job if the post was simply stuck into the ground without having a foundation. If the initial hole was not deep enough, the cause of the leaning is obvious. If the ground around the post is packed very hard, is stony, or has a thin layer of concrete, you might need to use a mattock to break up the surface.

2. Prepare the Hole for the Mailbox Post

To make sure your mailbox will withstand the test of time, you need to dig a hole which is about two feet deep and about half of that in diameter. After digging the hole, insert a layer of gravel into it to minimize the effect of water infiltration. If you use a metal mailbox pole, the gravel on the bottom of the hole will help prevent rusting.

3. Insert the Mailbox Post into the Ground

Insert the post into the hole and add soil to keep it in place. Level the mailbox post and fill the hole with dirt. Make sure the mailbox post stands up straight, and tread on the dirt to pack it down. Don’t forget that the ideal length of a mailbox pole is 41-45 inches above ground level.

How Can You Fix Leaning Mailbox Posts with Cement Bases?

If your leaning mailbox is set in cement, it will be more difficult to fix it, but you can do so by enlarging the base. Repeat the first step by removing the mailbox, make the hole wider, reinsert the mailbox post, and add cement to make the post stand upright.

Get Professional Help

If you don’t want to repair your mailbox yourself, Seva Call can get you professional help by putting you in touch with local handymen who can get the job done in no time. Our service is fast and free of charge.

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