Efficient Wood Stoves

Efficient Wood Stoves - Heating and Cooling

An efficient wood stove can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. But how can you actually determine the energy efficiency of your stove? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, older wood stoves (manufactured before 1990) are far from being the best option at hand for those who want to profit from energy savings and monetary advantages.

Superior Energy Efficiency: the Main Reason Why You Should Buy a Newer Wood Stove

Older models of wood stoves create a lot of dust in your indoor spaces, waste wood by burning it inefficiently, and can even lower air quality in your entire neighborhood. These are all great reasons to invest in newer models which display elevated levels of energy efficiency.

New models of wood burners

– Help users save time and money

– Exceed the energy efficiency of older product by up to 50%

– Reduce creosote accumulations in the chimney, enabling owners to reduce home fire risks

– Reduce indoor and outdoor pollution levels by up to 70%, minimizing considerable health risks (asthma, allergies, severe respiratory problems)

In order to experience considerable health, environmental, and monetary benefits, the Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners to replace their outdated wood-burning heating appliances with an efficient wood stove.

Insulate Your Home to Avoid Energy Losses

In some cases, people buy the most expensive model of wood stove and expect to witness major improvements in the blink of an eye. This is not how it works. In order to reduce their utility bills, first they have to weatherize their properties, by insulating crevices and cracks. This simple action leads to considerable energy savings.

Ask an Expert

These days, one can easily spot numerous manufacturing companies offering reliable, durable, aesthetically pleasing wood-burning stoves. Choose the most efficient wood stove based on your specific heating needs by consulting a specialist. Find the most competent heating and cooling expert in your area with Seva Call, a free service designed to help you identify real pros in your area in no time.


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