What Is Creosote?

What Is Creosote? - Maid Services

Millions of homeowners who have decided to install a beautiful fireplace inside their homes are looking for pertinent answers to one of the following questions: How could I possibly keep my fireplace clean at all times, to avoid considerable safety risks? What is creosote, and how could I get rid of it fast and effectively?

Keep reading to discover the best answers to these questions and more, and to find out how you could find the most respectable providers of maid services, designed to simplify your life and turn your property into a safe, contaminant-free environment.

What is Creosote?

Creosote is a compound obtained from wood, tar and solidified flue gases. Creosote buildups usually appear on both interior sides of your fireplace, especially when the logs are incompletely burned.

Creosote accumulations go through three developmental stages; each stage requires specific cleaning methods and creosote removal agents to provide more than satisfactory results.

1. During the first phase, creosote buildups are represented by smooth accumulations, which could be quickly eliminated using soot eraser sponges.

2. During the second phase, the homeowner will have to deal with extremely flammable, curly, bubbly, or flaky, black or dark brown creosote accumulations.

3. Creosote accumulations in their third stage are known as glaze chimney deposits, which are hard to remove and could cause a devastating home fire almost instantly. Glaze buildups should be removed using special cleaning products and tools, like the glaze removal chains and a creosote removal powder.

How to Prevent Dirty Fireplace Hazards

As long as your fireplace functions optimally and you do your best to keep it clean and dirt-, dust-, and debris-free, you shouldn’t worry about your safety. Make sure you eliminate creosote buildups as soon as possible to avoid potential complications.

Ask an expert

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