Installing Energy Saving Windows

Installing Energy Saving Windows - Window Replacement

The additional expense of choosing energy saving windows over regular windows is a worthwhile investment for homeowners who are currently looking to replace their current windows as part of a home renovation project or those currently building or buying a home.

Benefits of Energy Saving Windows

– Cost Savings: You can enjoy up to 20 percent energy cost savings annually when you upgrade to energy saving windows.

– Comfortable Home Environment: Windows designed to improve energy efficiency offer year-round comfort to your home. They reduce drafts and can retain heat during cold weather while keeping temperatures cool inside your home during summer.

Making the Most of Energy Saving Windows

Window Frames: It can be a challenge to find windows without the ideal environmental footprint since, although the glass panes are energy efficient, the window frames are made of materials that have a lasting and detrimental environmental impact.

For instance, many window frames today use vinyl, which is a type of plastic that is made through a toxic process and will remain in the environment for thousands of years.

There are also wooden window frames that although can be sustainably grown do require periodic painting.

Aluminum frames could be more environmentally friendly but are less energy-efficient since they easily conduct heat. When choosing windows, consider all your options and choose one, which has the least environmental footprint as possible.

Spacers: Energy efficient windows have spacers that secure their glass layers together at a certain distance. Look for new energy saving windows with new spacer technologies that are designed with materials like fiberglass, vinyl, reinforced thermoplastic, and silicone foam, which have poor conductivity but high, in thermal efficiency.

Location and Size: These are key factors to the energy efficiency of windows. Most windows should be located on the south side of a house. Design the proper overhang for your southern windows so they will allow light and heat during winter and shade you from the sun’s direct heat during summer. On the north side of a house, windows should have minimal glaze and are ideally small in size to allow maximum cross ventilation in hot weather.

Ensure Proper Installation

Just as choosing high quality windows is important, so is their installation. Windows that are poorly installed will not do their job. Seva Call can assist you in finding the best local contractors to install your new or replacement windows. Contact us now!


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