St Patrick’s Day Recipes and Meal Ideas


St Patty’s Day is right around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate than by dying all your food green. But seriously, there are some great Irish style dishes out there you should think about basing your 3 squares of St Patty’s day around. So, grab a pint of Guinness and get cooking with our best St Patrick’s Day recipes.


Green Bagels For Breakfast

You can’t start the day off better than with coffee and a bagel. Since it’s St Patrick’s Day, why not spike that coffee with some Bailey’s Irish cream and follow this cool recipe from for homemade green bagels and chive cream cheese. If you have an extra kick in your step after this breakfast, just remember: it’s not from the Bailey’s, it’s from the fact that your bagel was green.

Lunch: Fish and Chips with a Celtic Twist

Fish and chips are a classic lunch and go really good with a tall stout on the side! Since it’s St Patrick’s Day and you want to put a Celtic twist on all your meals, here’s a good recipe from WineEnthusiast for Guinness-battered fish and chips straight from the Grand Central Oyster Bar in Manhattan. You’re going to thank us for this one when you come back in from that lunch break with a little more Irish spirit than you had before you left.

Corned Beef and Cabbage: A Classic St Patty’s Dinner

This is about as standard as it can get. If you’re not eating corned beef on St Patrick’s Day, you’re not doing it right. There are a lot of bad corned beef and cabbage recipes out there but here’s a solid one courtesy of If you cook everything just right, you’ll forget all the preconceived notions you had about this classic Irish dish.

Minty Ice Cream Shamrocks Dessert

After dinner, you’re going to end your St Patty’s celebration with a bang! For a tasty dessert that keeps with the Irish spirit, here’s a recipe from Taste of Home for ice cream shamrock sandwiches. The cookies will go great with a shot of Jameson or Bailey’s before you start your night out at the bars!

If you’re going out for the night, like most people usually do, remember to use to find your cab for the ride home. And, we hope this list of our favorite St Patty’s Day meals helps you get a taste of the Irish spirit this St Patrick’s Day!

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