DIY Faux Brick Wall Installation: Swanky Indoor Styles


Brick is everywhere these days – restaurants, swanky bars, modern homes – and for good reason: nothing adds a rustic touch like indoor brick walls. DIY faux brick wall installation isn’t that hard and it’s much cheaper; also, like laminate flooring, it looks convincing. Follow these easy steps to spice up your home.

1)      Measure your wall and decide how many bricks you need, as well as if you’re going to need to create special templates for windows and light fixtures, which can easily be done with cardboard and a box cutter or scissors. Faux brick wall tiles can be bought at almost any DIY store, or ordered from Home Depot online.

2)      Decide on a color scheme. You may be able to choose any, but in some cases, important furniture will require that you use certain colors. Though you can buy faux brick in almost any color, they can be painted to whichever you like.

3)     Saw the panels to conform to your templates.

4)      Get a hammer, nails, safety gloves, a nail gun, and caulking equipment. The panels can be easily affixed to the wall, no catch – just make sure you’re not obstructing objects on your walls by properly cutting down the panels.

5)      Make sure to caulk the panels down to fill in any cracks or spaces.

Small DIY home improvement projects like these can be fun and easy – but if you have a bigger project on your hands and lack the time or space to do it, get a professional. Head over to TalkLocal and we’ll fix you up with the perfect contractor for all your home improvement needs.

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