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A Guide to Storm Shutters

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

A Guide to Storm Shutters - Window Replacement

If you want to protect your window openings, consider investing in durable, aesthetically pleasing storm shutters. There is a generous selection of models on the market, offering various benefits and displaying different price tags.

Check out the Most Common Types of Storm Shutters

You should know that there are numerous types of hurricane shutters that could provide a high level of protection for your home. Buy the best ones according to your design specifications and preferences, favorite materials, and financial possibilities.

Looking for the best candidates for this job? If so, note that storm panel hurricane shutters made from steel and aluminum are strong, durable, inexpensive, and completely removable. They cost up to $8 per square foot.

Furthermore, some models of Accordion hurricane shutters can be locked and represent an exceptional theft deterrent. Their prices range from $16 to $20 per square foot.

Permanently affixed Colonial hurricane shutters can beautify your property, but require an extended storm preparation time of up to 45 minutes. Roll-down shutters are fairly reliable, but also very expensive. Opt for this last alternative only if you can afford to pay $55 per square foot.

Make Your Own Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are extremely practical when it comes to minimizing damages triggered by extreme weather events. This doesn’t mean that they have to be ugly! If you aren’t able to find attractive, colorful, resistant storm shutters in your price range, don’t hesitate to create your own.

For this relatively simple DIY project, you would need a basic set of tools, a sheet of plywood, plus two hinges and six latches for each window. To obtain excellent results, remember to measure twice and cut once.

Ask an Expert

Choosing the perfect storm shutters shouldn’t be a hassle. If you need expert guidance to make an informed purchase, contact the best storm replacement specialists in your area by using TalkLocal, a free service that will connect you with up to three professionals in your area in just minutes.