5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids Party Planners

Thanksgiving is such a fun time of year for adults and children alike, and if you plan on throwing a party for thanksgiving it is important to provide children with entertaining activities to take part in. Here are a few examples of festive and fun Thanksgiving activities for kids.

The Turkey Trot is a simple activity for young children. To do the turkey trot, find an open area to play in like your yard. Instruct the children to form their arms into wings and imitate turkeys. This is a silly activity that will have everyone giggling and the best part is it involves imagination. The kids can be fancy turkeys, scary turkeys, baby turkeys, or whatever they can imagine!

Free the Fowl is a festive version of Kick the Can. One player is chosen as “it” and a can or football is placed in an open space. “It” will count to a predetermined number while the other children hide and when “it” is finished counting, he or she will try to tag the others. If a player is tagged, he or she must freeze. Any unfrozen player can kick the can. If it’s kicked, the frozen players are freed. If all the players are frozen, “it” wins.

Wall Football is a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. To prepare for this game, design a large field goal on a wall using paper and tape. Cut out football shapes using brown paper with a tape roll on the back and have kids write their name on their football. Spin blindfolded kids around three times and have them stick their football on the wall. Getting the ball inside the field goal boundary is worth three points. After several rounds, the child with the most points wins.

Teaspoon Pass will keep little hands busy. Place five shelled peanuts on a plate. The object of the game is for children to pass the nuts along using their spoons without dropping any nuts.

Hand Turkey – a time-tested favorite activity is tracing your hand and decorating it like a turkey! Children can use glue, yarn, glitter, markers, and crayons. Hanging the festive art on your walls will give the children a sense of pride.

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