What Is Active Release Chiropractic Therapy?

What Is Active Release Chiropractic Therapy? - Chiropractors

If you have experienced chronic headaches, back pain or an injury that seems to have hung around, you may be researching treatments and ask yourself: What is active release chiropractic therapy?

Active release therapy, also known as “Active Release Treatment (ACT),” is a patented method of relieving a variety of soft tissue ailments. It is noticeably different from other forms of massage therapy.

It was designed in 1991 and patented in 1995 by a chiropractor named P. Michael Leahy and is now a verified method of treatment that many chiropractors and other health professionals certified in soft tissue treatment are able to attain training in.

What Purpose Does ACT Serve?

ACT is designed to break up scar tissue in overworked or injured muscles as well as to alleviate over-tightened or shortened muscles that may be causing nerve pain. Additionally, the treatment is able to clear adhesions to tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues.

How Does It Work?

The treatment works in phases. The practitioner will stimulate and stretch the affected area in a variety of tested ways. By the final phase, the patient will help by actively stretching and moving the area while the practitioner applies tension at specific locations. Greater success has been shown when the patient is able to participate in his or her own recovery.

What Can It Treat?

Active Release Chiropractic Therapy can treat many soft tissue problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other peripheral nerve entrapments, spinal pain, or dysfunction, in addition to tendonitis and other inflammatory problems of the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. Additionally, sufferers of TMJ, sciatica, and sprains and strains that tend to reoccur have seen improvement.

Where Can I Get Treatment?

Only those licensed in ACT will fully be able to answer the question: What is active release chiropractic therapy? It is different from any other massage therapy techniques and is usually administered by a qualified chiropractor. To find one, try out TalkLocal’s free service. We’ll locate a professional in your area at no cost to you.

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