When To Seek Trager Therapy

When To Seek Trager Therapy - Massage Therapy

Trager therapy is an alternative form of massage therapy that focuses on achieving deep relaxation and releasing deep-seated mental and physical pains.  While most other types of massage therapy can be effective in relaxing muscles, Trager therapy can be a viable alternative or option for those who feel that traditional massage therapy isn’t effective for them or feel like they need a more immersive massage experience. Continue reading to get an idea of when to seek Trager therapy.

What Is Trager Therapy?

Trager therapy focuses on two different aspects: the passive and the active.  During the passive portion, the client will be lying on a table while the practitioner uses natural motions and a light touch to gently move the patient.  These sessions generally last between 60 and 90 minutes and no lotions or oils are used during this portion, differing from the traditional types of massage therapy.

The active portion involves what is called “Mentastics,” which are simple, active motions that the client does throughout his or her daily routine.  Many clients end up integrating “Mentastics” into their daily  lives so that they can better take care of themselves.  These “Mentastics” supplement the table work and continue to help release deep-seated problems and patterns in your body, which may have developed as a result of physical or emotional trauma, or simply the stress of everyday life.

Benefits Of Trager therapy

Since Trager therapy uses natural and free motions, many individuals say that they can either stay more limber or loose, or gain a greater freedom of movement.  Trager therapy is very non-invasive and many people enjoy the naturalness that permeates the entire experience, both in the active and passive portion.

Find Out More About Trager Therapy

If you think Trager therapy is right for you, you should consult a Trager therapist to discuss your goals and what you want to achieve.  While Trager therapy is an alternative type of therapy that isn’t practiced as widely as most other types of massage therapy, TalkLocal can connect you to high-quality, local Trager therapists in just minutes!

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