How to Transfer Contacts between iPhone and Android Using Bluetooth

How to Transfer Contacts between iPhone and Android Using Bluetooth - Computer Repair

The iPhone 5 series allows individuals to download various applications for various tasks. The phone has various features, including the ability to transfer contacts from other handheld devices, like Android, using Bluetooth. This feature can be used effectively if users can download and install an application known as Beam It. The software allows individuals to transfer all their contacts from android devices eliminating the need for copying down all contact information. Here is how to transfer contacts between iPhone and Android using Bluetooth.

How To Transfer Contacts Between iPhone and Android

• Go to the app store icon on the iPhone 5 and search for Beam It. This application is available as a free download, and users can just touch the free button on the program description and then click the icon to begin the installation process. Enter the iTunes password if prompted. This mobile software can only work if it is installed on both devices.

• Turn on the Android’s Bluetooth. This is done by clicking the preferences button, followed by the general icon. From the list that will appear, touch the switch that will turn on Bluetooth.

• Open the Beam It application on both handheld devices. The user will be prompted to select the contact information they wish to transfer to the android device. If a user chooses the wrong contact information, they can click on the “i” button at the bottom of the screen and touch on the “my name is” button to change the choice.

• Touch the name of the recipient from the devices listed under “devices nearby.” The iPhone will connect with the recipient device. Once the connection has been made, the contact information will be automatically sent to the other device. The contact information can be saved on the other device by scrolling down the “options” and clicking on the “save” button.

Apple’s iPhone 5 phones can connect to Bluetooth devices within a certain range. The device has an internal chip which makes Bluetooth transfers possible. This allows users to send and receive information from one phone to another without the need for a direct connection.

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