Master Key Auto Jigglers

Master Key Auto Jigglers - Locksmiths

Auto jigglers, also know as tryout keys, are required tools for locksmiths and auto dealers. They are lock picks for cars. These master key auto jigglers can be used on almost any vehicle, and even padlocks. They are the key to (some of) your car problems!

How Do Master Key Auto Jigglers Work?

The cuts on the auto jiggler keys are very similar to the contours of a variety of car keys. The master key auto jiggler works by inserting it into the car lock and literally jiggling it around until the car unlocks. A skilled locksmith should know the correct position and amount of jiggling required to unlock a car quickly.

Can I Start A Car With Auto Jigglers?

Yes, it is possible to turn on a car’s ignition with jiggler keys. However, modern vehicles usually operate with a transponder key that sends a signal to the car. The car detects the signal as the appropriate key and turns on. A few cars do not have a key; rather, they work with a remote that is not shaped like a standard key. This remote also carries a transponder chip which allows the car to detect it. Although auto jigglers can open these modern cars, the jiggler keys probably cannot start the car, since they are not equipped with this transponder chip.

Due to the widespread availability of auto jigglers, there is a high risk of car theft. Be careful where you park your car, especially if it is an old vehicle that does not operate with a transponder key.

Find A Professional Locksmith

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