Seal Up Windows Tight with Metal Weather Stripping

Seal Up Windows Tight with Metal Weather Stripping - Window Replacement

Weather stripping reduces air infiltration around gaps in your doors and windows, saving energy consumption and bringing down your energy bills. There are several types of materials used for weather stripping including foam, plastic, rubber, and metal. If you have old, non-metal weather stripping on your windows or you’ve just replaced your windows with new ones, consider using metal weather stripping, which effectively blocks air leakage and could last for decades.

Spring Tension Metal Strips

This type of metal weather stripping is made of a V-shaped springy metal that can be stainless steel, brass, bronze, or copper. The strips are folded along their length; hence the V configuration, which is responsible for sealing gaps between window frames and sashes. They usually come in coils and include the necessary brad nails for installation. Usually, the strips are nailed to the channels of the entire window perimeter and on the casements, except the hinges. They are typically used on double-hung windows and sliding windows. Installation is fairly simple and can be done by anyone with enough patience.

Self-adhesive Spring Metal Strips

This is similar to a standard spring tension type of metal weather stripping, except it has a peel-and-stick backing that makes it the easiest option to install. Other than scissors to be used for cutting the strip to length, no tools are needed to install it. Simply remove the backing from the strip and carefully press it in place. It does require a thoroughly clean and dry surface before installation.

Interlocking Metal

This is the most expensive option but produces the most effective results. It is ideal for casement windows and double-hung windows. It consists of two U-shaped metal pieces that are installed along the edges of a window and are designed to fit together to create a seal. As long as the metal pieces fit precisely, interlocking metal weather stripping will provide a very tight seal against drafts. However, this type of metal weather stripping is difficult to install, requiring special tools and precise skills, so hiring a professional is necessary.

Find A Window Professional

If you’re planning to install interlocking metal weather stripping on your windows, you’ve chosen the best weather stripping option. Now, make sure the job gets done right by hiring a professional. Use TalkLocal now, and you’ll be talking to the right professional in minutes.

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