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Average MPG Hybrid Cars - Auto Repair

The average MPG hybrid cars perform to can vary, but it’s generally higher than cars with conventional engines. Miles per gallon, or MPG, represents how far a car can travel on a single gallon of gas, in other words, the fuel consumption of a vehicle. Fuel consumption varies considerably based on many factors, but car manufacturers generally quote an average MPG for each vehicle model and engine.

A car or motorcycle MPG rating will always depend a lot on how the vehicle is driven. The average MPG hybrid cars will return is one of the incentives persuading increasing numbers of drivers to make the switch from conventional vehicles. By having an electric motor to provide some of the power, these cars can really stretch a gallon of gasoline.

Average MPG Depends on the Model

For the Toyota Prius, the average MPG is 40-50. This is quite efficient for a car and is something that you should consider when looking for a hybrid car. For the Honda Civic Hybrid, the average MPG is 38-43, which is significantly lower than the Prius. This may be due to the fact that the Civic has cruise control, which can increase fuel consumption.

For the Chevy Malibu or Saturn Aura, the average MPG is just 25-34. Obviously, this is very low, meaning these two cars are not the most economical examples of hybrid models.

For the Toyota Camry Hybrid, the average MPG is 30-40, which is better than most, but still doesn’t top the Toyota Prius. So, if you’re looking for the most fuel efficient car, the Toyota Prius is worthy of consideration, due to its impressive fuel economy.

Choosing a hybrid car is becoming a more attractive proposition, even for drivers staunchly reluctant to move on from the ‘big ole gas guzzler’  era.

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